Thursday, May 30, 2019

Love This New Endeavor of Sharing
Your Many Awesome God Stories. 

May Everyone  be blessed by the sharing of them! 
I Love YOU!  

Peggy Smith |

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Amen Amen Amen 🙏 

I have wanted and prayed you would write stories for a looooonnnggg time now!!
You have a gift to write and I am so excited the rest of the world will get to read what your beloved family already knows about you........
You are a talented author who can touch hearts and bring others closer to God
through your stories!!
Write on Papa Bear ~ write on and God will be applauded!!!

All my love & support,
~Brown Eyes 🙌🏻♥️

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Do Angels Work At Night?

Do Angels Work At Night?

      We spent two sleepless, muggy nights in an Iowa church camp. It was so hot in our cabin. I could not sleep. No windows. No fan. Definitely no rest. My weary mind cried we'd be better going home in our air-conditioned Oldsmobile than sweat like this. But home was over 250 miles away in Missouri and the night was so dark. I wrestled with the decision.

      Having decided, an adrenaline surge propelled me and we loaded the car. My wife in the front seat and tiny daughter and sister-in law in the back. I prayed, "O' Lord please keep us safe and free from car problems." Leaving the campgrounds I turned the A/C on.

      It wasn't long before they were asleep. Fast asleep. At first I felt confident this was a wise decision. The odometer paced mile after mile. It was a while later my eyelids got heavy and I fought dozing off. "Please Father - I am so exhausted... keep us safe," I whispered.

      Sometime later, as the Olds sped down the old county road, I failed. My eyes closed and I nodded off. Then the noise - of tires on gravel - awakened me. Braking fiercely we lumbered to a stop. Shaking my eyes open I groggily struggled out of the car. Then I heard a sound. What is that? Was it a voice?

      "Are you OK?" asked a deep voice. Looking around I couldn't believe where we were. We were on a graveled lot beside a busy highway. Then the man came across and excitedly said, "I saw you coming and it didn't look like you were going to stop. So I stopped for you."

      I thanked him and looking around began to realize I'd driven past a stop sign and crossed the highway. As he turned to leave he smiled and said, "I didn't think you'd want to run into me."

      Chills running down my spine I watched him hoist himself up to his seat in the truck. It was an 18-wheeler gasoline truck and trailer.

      Just try to convince me that our Lord doesn't protect us in His wondrous ways.

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Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warrior

Weakly she held her screen door with her foot. Her spirit momentarily strengthened: "I'm a Prayer Warrior, you know."

"O' Yes...Sister, we have been praying for you at church. That's why I'm visiting tonight."

"I don't mean that," she lightly spoke. "For years I have been called when a prayer need is critical. I am a Prayer Warrior!"

A lump in my throat confirmed I had not listened closely. I had heard her wrongly. I pondered: A Prayer Warrior at her age and with terminal cancer? I tried to apologize but the lump was now an inflated balloon. Clearing my throat I pondered what I should say. But she spoke first.

"Always I've prayed with uplifted arms to my Lord." Tears flooded from her eyes as she continued, "I'm too weak anymore to lift my arms and I can barely breathe."

"I understand. It must be such a letdown for you."

"Letdown? Indeed not!" Praising God, triumphantly she exulted, "Now I pray, Holy Father please send your angels to hold my arms up so I can continue as a Prayer Warrior. And He has. God is so good."

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These Stories Are True

     The stories that I post are 100% true.  No exaggeration.  No falseness.  I experienced each in a 40-year period of counseling and ministering.  Where necessary to protect personal identities and/or to avoid nakedly exposing victims, I made slight changes while preserving the true account.

     Sincere readers will hopefully say, "Thank you Lord for working these wonders."

     Lord willing, and health allowing, a new story will be posted often. There is a huge basketful to share.  What a joy to Applaud the Lord!

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I Will Tell of All Your Wonders

"I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart;
I will tell of all Your wonders." 
- Psalms 9:1 (NASB)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Kudos for the Lord

     It is time to applaud the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  As the poet William Cowper wrote: "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform."  Tender-hearted readers will be touched by these true stories.  Let's begin celebrating the Lord!

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